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Configuring your Email Filter to catch the SPAM

During the Filtering Process we will add two headers to each Email Message processed by our servers. These Headers are also used in our Business strategy for Internal or ASP (out sourced) Services.

NEW! We can now update the Subject line to add the Keywords [ SPAM SCORE X.X ] for simplifying the filtering process!

For the sake of simplicity, we will consider that you have a POP3 Mailbox (90% of all Internet Users are established with a POP3 Account), here are the headers which we add to the Email message:


X-Spam-Score: 	15.7 (*****)  <- If this field is present, it will indicate the level of which we detect it.
Note: Email Headers are not generally visible by some Email Readers, but the Mail Readers generally permit you to examine the Email Headers for the purpose of creating Email Filters. There is one exception, and that is Outlook Express, this tool does not examine Email Headers, nor can you view them. We recommend that you consider updating to an Email Tool which is listed below (or another compatible Email Reader).

We have been using the Netscape Email Client (and Web Borwser), and have found that the additional Security Benefits, as well as pop-up blocker work exceptionally well.

It is our experience that if the SPAM Score is lower than 10, there is a chance that the E-Mail may not be considered as SPAM. These messages are indicated on the Graphs as Probable SPAM (of which most of these are SPAM).

Ok, so now we've showed you that we tag our Email messages so that you know what was examined. We also indicate if the message is a Non-SPAM message or a SPAM message. If the message is a SPAM laden message, there is also a score which is tallied on each of the messages. We have also indicated that you may want to consider examining the score of the message to sort through these messages at a later time.

There are MANY Email Readers in use on the Internet Today. Since there are so many, we must limit our instructions to a select few.

Netscape Communicator - Download Netscape - POP3 or IMAP connection - SPAM Filtering
Microsoft Outlook
Outlook Express - We'll add the SPAM Score phrase to all SPAM Messages.

Registered Users can contact us for additional assistance

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