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Unsafe File Types

Unsafe File types for E-Mail

The following list was posted by Microsoft at

According to Microsoft, "The following list contains attachments that are considered unsafe:" for Microsoft based PCs, in addition to being able to distribute Viruses, these files types can contain destructive payloads and therefore are not permitted on SpamZapper® filtered Email systems by default. While you are able to override the default settings, these file types are excluded, as they are the easiest for Hackers and Malware Writers to distribute their payloads with. These are some of the reasons we filter these unsafe file extensions from our Email.

We plan on implementing a customizable Web Page for our on-line customers to permit them to recieve these file types in the future. However, all default properties use these file types as guidelines from Microsoft as a starting point.

More Information about Microsoft Office (Outlook) can be found, Outlook E-mail Security Update.Frequently Asked Questions.


File Type



 ADE  Microsoft Access project extension
 ADP  Microsoft Access project
 ASX  Windows Media Audio / Video
 BAS  Microsoft Visual Basic class module
 BAT  Batch file
 CHM  Compiled HTML Help file
 CMD  Microsoft Windows NT Command script
 COM  Microsoft MS-DOS program
 CPL  Control Panel extension
 CRT  Security certificate
 EXE  Program
 HLP  Help file
 HTA  HTML program
 INF  Setup Information
 INS  Internet Naming Service
 ISP  Internet Communication settings
 JS  JScript File
 JSE  JScript Encoded Script file
 LNK  Shortcut
 MDA  Microsoft Access add-in program
 MDB  Microsoft Access program
 MDE  Microsoft Access MDE database
 MDT  Microsoft Access workgroup information
 MDW  Microsoft Access workgroup information
 MDZ  Microsoft Access wizard program
 MSC  Microsoft Common Console document
 MSI  Microsoft Windows Installer package
 MSP  Microsoft Windows Installer patch
 MST  Microsoft Windows Installer transform, Microsoft Visual Test source file
 OPS  Office XP settings
 PCD  Photo CD Image, Microsoft Visual compiled script
 PIF  Shortcut to MS-DOS program
 PRF  Microsoft Outlook profile settings
 REG  Registration entries
 SCF  Windows Explorer command
 SCR  Screen saver
 SCT  Windows Script Component
 SHB  Shell Scrap object
 SHS  Shell Scrap object
 URL  Internet shortcut
 VB  VBScript file
 VBE  VBScript Encoded script file
 VBS  VBScript file
 WSC  Windows Script Component
 WSF  Windows Script file
 WSH  Windows Scripting Host Settings file

The SpamZapper® implements these file types as Bad Extensions by default. Instructions on for modifying these rules are available upon request.

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