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Locating your Mail Account Information - Microsoft Outlook

We'll show you where to locate the existing information on your Microsoft Email Reader (Outlook version 6.0 and above). You will need to provide this information to us, as well as update the POP3 Server to our Server.

First of all you will need to launch the Mail Reader (Microsoft Outlook), and then select the Tool Menu. If you need to expand the menu, then click on the down arrows at the bottom of the window.

Please note that this Example uses
Please use the Address included in your Welcome Email:
POP3 -

Microsoft OutLook Mail Reader

This will provide you with the following pop-up window. We want to view or change the Email Account Information. If you want to Add this account to your list of Email Sources, then Select Add to keep your existing Account information and ADD our Server to your Mail Reader.

View account information

The next screen manages the different Email Accounts you may have. Your screen will most probably look different. You can safely select the Default Profile, and then select Change.

Select the Default Profile

YOU MADE IT! This Screen controls where your Mail Reader (Microsoft Outlook), goes to retrieve your Email. For Now, there are three fields which we need to complete the configuration of your account. They are User Name, Password, and Incoming mail server (POP3). Write this information down. We'll put it into the fields below for your FetchMail Settings (don't worry, we handle these details.) to retrieve your Email and scan it for SPAM.

Internet E-mail Settings

While you have this window open, you can change the Incoming mail server to as your New Incoming Mail Server. If you are not changing your Email Address, that will remain the same as well. Your User name and password can remain the same, unless you have decided to change them.

Creating an Automatic Filter Rule for Microsoft OutLook is easy. Here is our step-by-step guide to creating an Automatic Filter Rule.

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