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SPAM Filtering Configuration for Netscape Users

These instructions are for Netscape 7.1 & 7.2, the current release of the software, but should be applicable for any version of Netscape 6.0 and higher.

you can also use these instructions for ThunderBird Mail Readers as well. Moving Email which has been marked in the Subject line is simple. We mark suspected messages in the Subject with the words, SPAM Score>

X-Spam-Score: 	5.7 (*****)
<- If this field is present, it will indicate the level of which we detect it. It is our experience that if the Spam Score is lower than 10, there is a small chance that the Message can be improperly labeled as SPAM. These messages are indicated on the Graphs as Probable SPAM (of which most of these are SPAM). In fact our False positive rate is lower that you might think. In more that 200,000 messages, we MAY experience 1 or 2 messages which are incorrectly labeled (especially if our friends are trying to trip the Spam Sensors).

This Section details the steps required to configure the Netscape Mail filter to sort the SPAM into it's own folder.

To start, you need to select the Tools Section on the Menu Bar, select the Message Filters..., you will than see a New Window which looks something like this:

Message Filters

Select New..., to begin creating the SPAM Filter.

Filter Rules

Change the name of the Filter to SPAM, so that you can find it easier later. We need to create a New item to match for the Mail Headers, so select the Drop-Down-Arrow, which is visible to the right of the word Subject. Scroll to the bottom of the Drop-down list to the word Customize. This will bring up the Customize Headers window.

Customize Headers

We are adding the X-JMClass Header to our filter, so type that into the New Message Header: field. Click the Add button.

Customize HeadersThen click OK.

Now that we have created a New Header called X-JMClass, we need to select it instead of the Subject. Click on the Drop-down arrow next to the Subject, and select the X-JMClass keyword which we just created. The next field should contain the work contains, click the arrow and select this keyword. In the right field type the word SPAM.

Filter Rules

The next section is where we want to put the SPAM. Click the New Folder... button, type the word SPAM into the folder name.

Customize Headers Then click OK, twice. You are now back to the main Message Filters window.

Message Filters

If you have already received Email from us and you want to purge the SPAM into it's own Folder, you can select the SPAM Filter (as shown), and then Click the Run Now button. When you are finished, click on the X in the upper right hand corner to close the window.

You have completed the steps for the SPAM Filter for Netscape. Now sit back and enjoy.

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