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A Better Bureau Approved Company
We are proud to be a Better Business Bureau approved site.

SPAM Zapper - Stops SPAM BEFORE it enters your Network!

Our SPAM Zapper Product was designed to be a dependable solution for your Business Needs. Whether they are Centralized, remote, Multi-Homed, or across the World, we have experience in Planning, Design and Administration. We know security, and we do Email security right. Our Spam Zapper may assist your organization in meeting their Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA compliance requirements. Get Our Free Brochure describing SPAM Zapper services here.

While many reports are developing about the suspected origins of SPAM (aka. junk mail) , we have developed more Secure and Efficient Tools for Dealing with the spam. The BEST part of our solution, is that we have developed a multi-layered product which is compatible with all operating systems (i.e. Windows, Macintosh, BeOS, Unix, AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux to name a few).


The SPAM Zapper products for Business needs are:

ABS Computer Technology is pleased t announce New Pricing strategies for the SpamZapper Email Services. Please call us at (412)635-7488, and a representative will be happy to work with you.

The Enterprise Edition

Designed to integrate into the existing Email Architecture. This software integrates into an existing Mail Server environment (using a Unix or Linux environment, or front-ended with a NEW Secure Server for this situation).

Multiple Server environments can be teamed to provide a Reliable and Redundant architecture. Our systems are Reliable and efficient.

Your system can be installed in-house, or we can host it for you as an outsourced solution. Software Maintenance contracts included in our outsourced solution and can be purchased for all in-house solutions..

Secure Edition

The Secure edition is the Smart Addition to servers which must communicate on the Internet. This is a recommended option for ALL systems, especially if a Firewall is not already in your environment. In addition to protecting your Email Environment, you can easily protect your network behind our Secure Edition option as well.

Our Hardening Package protects the Server and Automatically Blocks unwanted communications, permitting only the ports your Network needs to expose to the internet. We also add a Port Scanning Attack Detection (PSAD) process to further automate the protection of your Corporate assets.

PSAD is an advanced security application. All of our out-sourced solutions, include our Active Firewalling and IPS Technology, we can install our solutions to protect your environment for increased reliability.

Mail Safe

The Mail Package Protects the Users from unwanted Viruses and Worms for the entire enterprise, buy integrating the protection offered with existing Commercial Virus Scanning products. Many packages are available to integrate with the SPAM Zapper product, including Open Source Anti-Virus Configurations.

Need an automatically updated solution which protects your environment, give us a call. We have solutions which will protect your environment, and your budget.

One more thing to notice, we use per server Prices. Not per seat (or per user). Maintenance and Support Contracts are available to assist you, or to completely out-source your Email processing needs. Now the decisions are all up to you!

Out Sourced Solutions - Dynamic Mail Forwarding of DHCP Addresses

In addition to the packaged solutions which are available on-site, the SPAM Zapper is immediately available for Out Sourced business needs. We can immediately take ownership of the Mail Filtering Needs for your business, normally within a hour.

We also have developed Customized Solutions to meet the needs of Businesses on DHCP Assigned IP Addresses. Through the use of Gnu DIP we can support your static DNS name even if your IP address is dynamically assigned. This service will immediately forward your Email to your Servers, through your DHCP IP Address. Now you can register your Email Address through and the DNS Name you have been seeking, but were unable to get because you only had a DHCP IP Address available for your connection.

We are Certified Solution Experts and Trainers in:

  •   Network/Server Penetration Testing
  •   Intrusion Detection (Network & Server)
  •   CVE Testing and Remediation
  •   Security Policies - Development & Review
  •   Risk Assessment and Analysis
  •   Network Planning/Architecture
  •   Security Audits
  •   Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • With more than 20 Years of experience, and installations world-wide, we have the experience your company needs now.

    Potential SPAM Zapper - Business Configuration

    This example has several potential installation locations.

    At our Universities, where our Interns and Future Executives are taught.

    Installation can be centrally managed at the Corporate Offices, where decisions effect the entire Operation.

    The Branch Offices, where decisions can fall under the budgetary discretion of the Unit Manager(s).

    Our Services can be deployed in each of these locations, our they can be deployed in any of the locations (including our facilities), to retrieve, Forward, or Collect Email for the organization.

    The important thing to remember here is that our services are Flexible, Configurable and Dynamic!
    We can Immediately Deploy our SPAM Zapper as an ASP style Solution to begin filtering your company's Email almost immediately. We can begin by automatic Forwarding to your Existing Email Infrastructure, and continue with this design, or provide an internal update of services which can better suit your needs.

    As you can see from this Chart, we can Identify the Good Email (In bound and Out bound), and alert you to the Rejections (Well known Bad Guys), Viruses, and the SPAM we've identified.
    Mail Traffic Counts

    Are you BlackListed? Are you Listed in a Block Listing?

    The SPAM Zapper Products make use of several Block Lists. While we are not a Block Listing Service, we can assist you in getting Unlisted. We are frequently called with Requests to get their Company's Domain or Mail boxes off a Block Listing, or Close their Open Relays, which we routinely do for Company's on a billable basis. Please feel free to contact us at, or call us at the number below, we will be happy to assist you during normal business hours.

    If you are an individual which has been Black Listed, you are in luck. Our On-Line SPAM Zapper Service will provide you with a New Email address, to get you back on your way. When you sign-up we can retrieve your Email from up to 10 mail boxes, and will also provide a one time notification of your address book members on your New Email Address. We do however reserve the right to ban Users which ignore the Acceptable Use Policies which we have to Protect ourselves and other users on the Internet.

    We can identify the Senders, and Recipients of Email on your Network. Allowing you the freedom to ignore or Delete the SPAM identified Email. How many SPAM Mail messages do you get in a day?

    When Problems arise, we can identify and resolve the communications connections for Email in your daily operations.

    All the while, we maintain the confidential Nature of your communications and your Business. This chart depicts the SPAM being received in a larger environment. Notice how the SPAM is being received in waves from each of the SPAM Senders. We can easily determine whether the Sender is Internal or External to your network. When was the last time you wrote an access list entry? We can help to minimize the investment of time to a matter of minutes.

    SPAM Counts per Sender

    Our consultants will customize a complete solution to meet your needs. We have experience in in-house or outsourced email filtering configurations.

    Mail Traffic Counts

    The SPAM Zapper is Battle Tested and Internet Ready. We can integrate the SPAM Zapper into your existing environment.
    Call us to Deploy it now.

    If you would like to join our Information List, Please sign-up Using our on-line Mailing List.

    We are available at (412)635-7488, or Email us on-line at

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