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A Better Bureau Approved Company
We are proud to be a Better Business Bureau approved site.

ABS Computer Technologies, Inc., is an Internationally recognized leader in Networking, Security, Risk Assessment and Intrusion Detection. We are specialists in:

  • Enterprise Management
  • Network Architecture & Analysis
  • Security scanning & Vulnerability Testing
  • Secure Email Solutions (see our New Web Site -
  • IT Audit and Policy Review - we are Internationally recognized experts
  • Disaster Planning & Recovery
  • Hacker Recovery
  • Risk Analysis of Networks & Servers
  • Linux On-Site Training

Our Systems expertise includes all manufacturers of Unix Technologies, Windows platforms and most implementations of Linux. As a solutions provider, we work with Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, SUN and Sequent systems to provide Cost Saving solutions to our customers.

Our SPAM Zapper Product showcases our expertise in Sendmail Configurations for SPAM Filtering, Virus Rejection and solutions for ISPs, Corporations or Dynamic DSL Customers. We implement solutions for companies on their systems, or we can host their projects to fulfill specific needs. The SPAMZapper is located on-line and at our New Site.

Active in our community, we sponsor the activities of the Pittsburgh InfraGard Member Alliance, and are Contributors to the Pittsburgh Computer Incident Response Team. We have developed the 'Best Practices in SPAM Reduction Guide' (available at Best Practices SPAM Reduction Guide). We plan to remain active in protecting our Community (big or small) for many years to come.

Albert E. Whale, CHS CISA CISSP - is our President, and is the current President of the Pittsburgh InfraGard Member Alliance, Contributing Editor for the Pittsburgh Computer Incident Response Team, and sponsor of many other security related activities.

Professional Certifications and Memberships include:

ABS Computer Technology, Inc.

A Pittsburgh Corporation since 1994
ABS Computer Technology, Inc.

Internet & Security Consulting, Network Design, Linux, Spam filtering, Enterprise Management, Training ...

ABS Computer Technology, Inc. is a Sponsor, and Member of the Pittsburgh InfraGard Member Alliance, found on the Web at

You can visit Our Web Site call us @ Telephone: (412)635-7488 -- Fax: (412)635-2546 -- or E-mail us

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